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52" dynamic brake cooling fan

The dyanmic brake grid cooling fan assemblies consist of a fan powered by a direct current series motor. Fan and motor assembly consist of five major components:

  • Armature Assembly
  • Frame and Field Coil Assembly
  • End Frame and Brush Rigging Assembly
  • End Frame and Stator Assembly
  • Fan Rotor Assembly

The grid fans motor is Class H insulated. It is designed for ceiling mounting in the grid hatch assembly and has the fan rotor assembly bolted to the fan mounting hub.

The grid cooling fan assemblies are identical with the exceptions of changes in the fan, stator end frame, and motor leas arrangements.


KW/HP : 0.25
Amps :  0.7
Rpm :  1350
Volts : 415(+-)10%
Insulation Class :  H