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short Hood structure is of fabricated steel body. it houses Grid Blower Motor Assembly and six Resistor Grid Boxes.

Salient Features:

- Extra Space Inside the cabin space for drivers toilet and other important equipment like computer controlled Brakes system.

- Self Loading Resistor Grids It saves time by avoiding detention of Locomotive for testing on separate test bench.

- Easy Maintenance Each grid box and motor can be easily serviced without disturbing other components.

- Longer sevice Life of the system Temperature of each box always remains under designed conditions.


DRI Part No. :  DRI/DBSH/00 & DRI/DBRP/00
Power Dissipation :  2168 kW
Grid Current :  850 AMPS
Motor :  36 HP
Resistance Value :  0.5 Ω
Blower Motor Fan :  48" & 52" DIA.
Motor Blower Speed :  1650 RPM