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Resistor for 3 Phase Eclectic locomotive for WAG9, WAP5
This is Metal Tape Resistor specially developed for use on vehicle roof. these resistors have proved their worth over a period for various traction applications as resistors for starting, Braking, Shunt and protection.

The Harmonic Filter reduces the high frequency harmonics to avoid disturbance in signaling. If the harmonic filter gets by-passed by the system, the speed of the locomotive will be automatically restricted
The complete Resistor Assembly is mounted on the roof of the Locomotive. This Resistor is naturally cooled by air circulation. upto max. 40 kmph.

These resistor are notable for the following Qualities:-
. High opreting safety and long working life with minimum maintenance.
.Suitable for roof-mounting, i.e. open air.
. Easy adaptable to the electrical characteristics of a wide range of application.
. Low Weight


DRI Part No. : DRI/RHFG/00
Resistance Value : 0.194 Ω;
voltage :  2800 V AC RMS
Currant :  550 AMPS
Power :  60 kW

DRI Part No. : DRI/RHFP/00
Resistance Value : 0.439, 0.388 Ω
voltage :  2800 V AC RMS
Currant :  450 AMPS
Power :  40 kW